CLEANER AND SERVICING MACHINE. Testing fuel injection systems and cleaning and servicing fuel injection systems.

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ASNU  Ultrasonic fuel injection cleaner. Known world-wide as the "BEST" bench top cleaning and testing machine. Can handle 8 injectors at a time.
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CACARBON CLEAN FUEL INJECTION CLEANING MACHINE MODEL ECS300. Owned by Snap-On-Tools Corp.(tm) Parts and service are available through Snap-On. This machine is in excellent original condition. Little use on it. Includes all standard adaptors. (note: more adaptors are in the tray underneath machine.) Easy to operate and make money with. Includes two CASES of chemical cleaner. Extra chemical cleaner is available here for $80.00 case. (12 cans in a case) Save $2,000.00 off a new one. Priced at only $2,500.00  Only one available at this time.


Portable fuel injection cleaning kit. Made by Super Tech. Includes a nice supply of adaptors for connection to fuel injection in most cars. Priced at only $250.00


New OTC 7659  fuel injection cleaning kit. Includes adaptors for most domestic and Import vehicles. Comes with a pressurized cylinder. Includes are 12  16oz. cans of cleaning fluid. Price is  $575.00  


New OTC 6000 Fuel Injection testing kit. Includes adaptors for most Us and Import vehicles. Two pressure gauges included. Price is $ 345.00 if you also purchase a Model 7448 canister for $210.00 additional, this kit will also clean injectors.

Cleaning fluid is $90.00 per case of 12 16oz. cans.  


New OTC model 7448 canister for cleaning and de-carbonizing fuel injectors. If you already own the adaptors, just purchase this canister for $ 210.00 and some chemical, and you can make good money cleaning injectors in the vehicle. We have an "Economy" fuel injection testing kit with adaptors by another manufacturer. the price is only $95.00 You can use the adaptors with the "economy" kit with the canister for cleaning fuel injection systems.  


Almost New TIFF fuel injection testing kit. Portable, and includes a large selection of adaptors. priced at only $250.00

Sorry, sold


Fuel Injection Tester Out of the vehicle tester. Was used in a Lincoln Mercury dealership.