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·        Correct Engine Diagnosis.

It is not possible to correctly diagnose the condition and performance of the injectors while they are on the car. A great deal of money and many hours, are spent trying to solve engine related problems that could be caused by poor injector performance.

·        Emission Control & Reduction.

Correct fuel atomization is a critical factor in the requirement for complete combustion and minimum pollution. Without testing and servicing the injectors it is impossible to guarantee the minimum pollution.

·        Restored & Increased Performance.

Test have shown that poor injector performance will be reflected in the cars overall performance. Servicing injectors could restore the cars lost performance.

·         Reduced Warranty Claims.

With  ASNU, Vehicle dealerships will be able to correctly confirm or reject injector warranty claims.

·         Improved Fuel Economy.

Serviced injectors will produce maximum efficiency and minimum wastage of fuel. Saving on fuel over a 12-month period could far out way the cost of an ASNU injector service.

·        Long Term Protection.

Lacquering of inlet valves, Bore wear, Lambda lacquering or failure, Catalyst clogging or failure.

Poor fuel atomization by the injectors can cause these problems, if you change the component without solving the cause of the problem, it will return.

·         Satisfied Customers.

The customer now expects the best from his car and his garage, ASNU ensures that the customers engine repair/service bills are kept to a minimum and quality of servicing to a maximum.


The Spray Pattern has two major functions;

1. To distribute the fuel evenly to a specific point.

2. To atomize the fuel evenly at that specific point.

In the event that the distribution or atomisation should change, the mixture in the combustion chamber will also change, resulting in idling, performance, economy and emission problems.

On simultaneous injection systems, the spray was regarded as important, on sequential injection systems, the spray pattern performance is critical to the correct running of the engine and the function of the emission control components.


ASNU and Emmisions 9


•   Due to the increase in public and Government   demand to reduce exhaust emissions, the computerized fuel injection system is now  fitted as standard on all new  petrol vehicles produced and sold in Europe.

   The testing of emissions is now standard in many counties and due to a World Wide demand to reduce exhaust pollution, the allowance of exhaust emissions   will be reduced again by the year 2000.

•  The performance, accuracy and reliability of the components on the injection system that control the emissions, are not just important, they are  critical. The fuel injector is now one of the most important component in the control and reduction of these emissions.

·  Because the injector is a variable component, it is very difficult to correctly and accurately measure its performance and tolerances whilst on the engine, unlike other engine  components that are easily measured due to their fixed values.  

•  The cost involved in testing and servicing injectors is a fraction of the long term costs in time -

   Diagnosing faults,

   Inlet valve lacquering and damage,

•  Lambda failure and replacement,

•  Catalyst Exhaust failure and replacement,

•  Fuel consumption.

Correct Emissions is based on maximum engine efficiency.

Engine efficiency is measured by correct cylinder combustion. 

Correct cylinder combustion is is reliant on correct Air/Fuel ratio, known as Stoichiometric = 14:1.                                                 

With 14 parts Air to 1 part fuel, the fuel is the critical factor in the Stoichiometric ratio.

The fuel is supplied by the individual injector valves, which are required to deliver an exact amount of fuel, in a specific form, to a specified point.

To maintain correct emissions with the minimum of pollution, the injectors must be working correctly.

At present, not one vehicle manufacturer recommends testing and servicing injectors as part of a service schedule.


Injector problems 5

Are you a Fuel Injection Specialist?

Q. Do you have Injector Problems? 

A. We never have injector problems!

Q. As a FIS, you would obviously need to know what the injectors are doing, how much fuel is being delivered? Are the spray jets correct? All things you would have checked with a carburettor engine, so how do you test injectors for flow rates, spray distribution and atomisation and for electronic operation?

Q. What equipment do you use for testing these injector functions?

When a workshop is asked about injector problems, most of the time the answer we receive is “we don’t know if we have injector problems, we can’t test then properly.

The problem is, neither the Vehicle Manufacturers and very few of the government run Motor Vehicle Training Colleges, train the technicians on the functions and operations of the electronic injector valve.

Recognise the symptoms

Lambda failure
Catalyst failure

What is the cause





Starting  X X X
Idling  X X X
Performance X X X
Economy X X X
Driveability X X X
Emissions  X X X
Lambda failure X X X
Catalyst failure X X X

Testing program X






Air filter X Fuel quantity X Battery X
Air pipes  X Fuel tank X Idle control valves  X
Air flow meter X Fuel pump  X Crank angle sensors X
Air temp sensor X Fuel filter  X Engine temp sensor X
Etc X Fuel relay X Ecu X
Etc X Pressure regulator X Fuel relay X
Etc X Injectors ? Etc X
Etc X     Etc X
Etc X     Etc X

I never suffer with injectors problems - or do I ?

We recognize the symptoms

·        Starting Problems...

Difficult to start, hot or cold or will not start at all.

·        Poor Fuel Economy...

Vehicle has good performance, but excessive fuel consumption.

·        Excessive Exhaust Emissions...

MOT failure on exhaust emissions, no adjustment available. Lambda or Catalyst exhaust failure.

·        Idling Problems...

Erratic and un-even idling, surging, misfiring, ‘pinking’ and adjustment fails to resolve problem.

·        Lacking Performance...

Lack of power, flat spots, poor throttle response, car not performing like it should or use to.


·        Poor Drivability...

The car hesitates, ‘pinks’ under load, erratic performance and throttle response.

·        ECU Error Warning Codes...

Error code shows fault with Lambda or Air/Fuel mixture and checks show no fault.


Identifying the problems

·        Leaking Injector Valves.

Starting problems  
Emission problems  
False Lambda sensor readings and error codes  
Catalyst exhaust failure

·     Poor Fuel Distribution &  Atomization.

Baked-on chemical build up the pintle head  can cause poor fuel distribution and atomisation.  
This will cause wetting of the manifold walls and wasted fuel and results in....  

·        Lacquering of the inlet valves
·        Poor fuel economy
·        Excessive exhaust emissions
·        Idling problems
·        Lack of power
·        Poor drivability
·        Bore wear
·        Uneven Fuel Delivery Rates

A 5 micron build up inside the injector could results in a restriction of up to 25% in  the flow rate creating  a repeat of all the above symptoms

The facts on fuel injector valves

·        FACT   Injectors are now fitted as standard on all vehicles produced and sold in Europe.

·        FACT   There is no equipment currently available that will enable the technician to accurately analyse the condition of the injectors while they are on the car.

·        FACT   It is impossible for the technician, to correctly and accurately diagnose faults on a fuel injection
      systems, without considering the injectors condition and performance.

·        FACT   It is impossible for the technician to adjust the engine correctly, if it has poor injector performance.

·        FACT   Lacquering of inlet valves, excessive bore wear, carboning of Lambda sensors, clogging of Catalyst exhausts, could all be a result of poor injector performance.

·        FACT   The injector valves are now one of the major components in the controlling and reduction of exhaust emissions. How do you reduce emissions on closed loop systems?

·        FACT   A reduction in the Fuel Droplet size will improve fuel economy, increase performance and reduce exhaust pollution.