Crumbliss 2495 Starter Load Tester

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Tests 12 and 24 volt Automotive and Diesel Starters

Five 4 1/2" analog pivot and jeweled meters

Voltmeter 0-36 voltage scale, shows voltage of Starter

Voltmeter 0-3 volt scale shows solenoid voltage drop

Ammeter 0-600 scale shows starter amps draw

Torque Meter 0-50 scale shows torque load

Tachometer 0-10,000 scale shows starter RPM

Electronic voltage control allows starter to be cycled from free-run to locked rotor.

Heavy-duty industrial electric magnetic brake for dependable service.

Tests starters with either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Fan cooled.

1" Hexagon shaft prevents slipping under load.

No keyways or screws to shear off.

Four drive gears supplied to handle passenger and diesel type starters.

Four quick change 1/4" mounting plates supplied (Chrysler, Ford, Delco, Diesel 40-50 MT.)

Other optional plates available.

Tests starters with or without solenoids.

Heavy duty #01 cables and clamps.

Heavy duty DC power contactor.

exclusive long-life contactor circuit.

Solenoid R terminal test circuit.

Heavy duty meter shunt.

Modular design for easy servicing.

Heavy duty transformer circuit.

Overload and short protected.

110 volt single phase


Requires power supplied from Crumb #2485 Converter

Shipping weight  270 lbs.

Measures:  25 1/2" x 33" x 21"